SuperQuest 2016 Graduate Credit Option



Graduate Credits for Southern Oregon SuperQuest are handled through Southern Oregon University.  Process is here: superquest_credit_2016.

For all other SuperQuests, graduate credit is an option, not a requirement. Not all instructors offer this option. For courses where graduate credit is available, students will be required to complete ~12 hours of independent work after the workshop is complete and submit one or more assignments based on that work to the workshop instructor. This independent work will typically involve extra exploration of the topic or design of lesson plans to make use of the material in your classroom.

Credits are awarded through Western Oregon University – they charge a $60 fee for each credit earned. More info from WOU here. SuperQuest course instructors offering Graduate Credit will give you course numbers at the workshop.

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As of May 23, some courses offered in Wilsonville and Salem are in the process of securing the Graduate Credit Option (Web Coding, Teaching Computational Thinking, Agile Development, VEX Robotics). Individual course description posts/pages will be updated as these processes complete. Please note that the capacity to offer graduate credit may vary by instructor or session.

PDUs are independent of graduate Credit.

For questions about graduate credit, please contact:

Updated June 10 for Southern Oregon SuperQuest