2017 Oregon CSTA Symposium

Oregon CSTA Symposium:

Computer Science and Digital Literacy for All

Saturday, June 24, 2017
Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science
Portland State University Engineering Building Room 102

Interested in bringing computer science and digital literacy to all students in Oregon? Come share ideas and join our discussion! We will integrate these ideas into existing schools and curricula. Preparing our kids to meet the future requires collaboration between teachers and administrators with guidance and support from government and industry.  Come help us shape our vision and plan next steps!


Confirmed speakers include members from:

  • Code.org
  • Microsoft/TEALS
  • National CSTA
  • Oregon Industry members
  • Oregon Legislature
  • Oregon Department of Education
  • School Administrators
  • Student success stories and showcases of projects.

Agenda for the Day

  • 8:30a-9:00a: Doors open
    • Food available in Atrium
    • Attendees will receive
      • IBM bags with Oregon CSTA flyers, pens and stickers
      • Question cards for Q&A with speaker panel session
  • 9:00a-9:45a: Symposium Kick-off
    • Welcome and Introduction – Terrel Smith, Oregon CSTA President
    • Future & Value of CS Education
      • Jim Hook – Associate Dean, Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, Portland State University
      • Eric Campbell – Consulting Staff, Calypto Design Systems
    • What we’ve accomplished: State of CS Ed in Oregon – Terrel Smith
    • Instructions for questions cards for Q&A with Expert Speaker Panel – Kathy Zettl-Schaffer, Executive Director, Oregon CSTA
  • 9:45a-10:00a: Break & Refreshments
  • 10:00a-11:00a: Lightning talks by Industry and Education Experts
    • Industry Perspective on CS Education in Oregon – Michael Swinarski, Director Information Security, Standard Insurance
    • Industry/Education Cooperation for CS Education in Oregon
      • Helen Henry – Regional Manager Microsoft/TEALS
      • Pete Steinfeld – Executive Director, TechStart Education Foundation
      • Alan Rogers – Board Member and Former Chair, Oregon Game Project Challenge
    • Educator Perspectives on CS Education in Oregon
      • John Huelskamp – Principal, Sunset High School
      • Jason Galbraith – Computer Science Teacher, Sunset HS, Beaverton SD
      • Katie Hendrickson PhD – Advocacy/Policy Manager, code.org
      • Corin Richards – Director of Technology and Innovation, Forest Grove SD
      • Jim Hook – Associate Dean, Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science
  • 11:00a -11:45a: Breakout Sessions and Refreshments
    • Oregon CSTA Computer Science Education Playbook Conversation – Jim Hook and Corin Richards
    • Students Computer Science Projects Showcase
    • Electronic Prototyping Lab Tours
    • Complete and return questions cards for Q&A with Expert Speaker Panel
  • 11:45a-12:15p: Q&A with Expert Speaker Panel
    • Panel of morning’s speakers will address questions posed on cards given to attendees
  • 12:15p-1:00p: Closing Talks
    • Rich Vial – Representative, Oregon District 26
    • Savannah Loberger – Computer Science Student, Oregon State University
    • Terrel Smith – Oregon CSTA President

We have a unique opportunity to get CS education set up right: In a way that not just opens the door to a tech career for all students, but actually encourages them through that door; In a way that makes sure even those who don’t go on to have a career as software developers or IT professionals leave school with a solid understanding of how the tools that shape their lives work. If we blindly adopt the methods of the past, we are going to spend the next 30 years going back to deal with the issues we create.

Please direct questions via contact@oregoncsta.org