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2017 Symposium & SuperQuests (registration coming soon!)

Symposium (Wilsonville), June 24
Salem, June 26-28
Wilsonville, June 27-29
Redmond, July 12-14
Pendleton, July 19-21
Newport, July 26-28
Eugene, August 2-4
Southern Oregon, August 15-17

Looking for free, hands-on, valuable CTE/STEM professional development opportunities?

SuperQuest is a highly collaborative technology training series designed specifically for K-12 teachers by K-12 and Community College teachers. Our goal is to empower educators with the skills and classroom tools to build hands-on technology learning directly into their classrooms and/or after-school activities. See the 2017 SuperQuest FAQ to learn more!

To ask about scheduling a Pop-Up SuperQuest (1 topic, 1 Saturday, please email superquest@oregoncsta.org)